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We’ve made the benefits that homebuilders value about us even more valuable with our new LeasePlus™ Solar Program. Finally, a simple solar program with plenty of plus sides - for you and your homeowners.

What you get

A highly experienced, trusted new home solar provider
A non-disruptive, turnkey process from start to finish
Code compliant state-of-the-art technology
No upfront costs or hidden fees
Incentives per home*
Free solar production for your model homes**
Personalized sales/marketing training, field support
No construction or closing delays

What your homeowners get

No upfront costs
Flat monthly payments for 20 years, no escalators
Guaranteed performance for life of lease***
Maintenance and repairs included
20yr installation warranty, 25yr equipment warranty
Real-time system monitoring
Exceptional California-based service/support
Battery storage upon request
*Applies to single family homes with the LeasePlus™ Solar Program only. **SunStreet provides installation, activates the system, and includes solar production on model homes at no cost for two years. ***Actual production is guaranteed to amount to at least 95% of estimated production during the first year and will decline annually by no more than 0.5% during the term of the Lease, so that by the end of the 20 year term, actual production is guaranteed to be at least 90.5% of the first year’s guaranteed production.

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